WiE Share

15 May 2022

Event Poster

In view of the IEEE PES Day celebrations, IEEE Women In Engineering Affinity Group and IEEE PES WIP of IEEE SB CEA conducted a social media content creation competition – WiE Share. The intention behind the contest was to provide a platform for the participants to share their thoughts and ideas on the topic of women building a sustainable future.

The participants of the competition were given a time period of 15 days to present their ideas in the format of a JPG/PNG file on the topic Women building a sustainable future and submit it along with some additional information. The entries were accepted in either calligraphic or digital form. The participants could insert a maximum of 5 images for their entry. All the entries were posted on the official Instagram page of IEEE SB CEA.

Gender equality and contributions of women in various sectors and all such related topics are very relevant at present. The event’s aim was to promote the participation of women and girls in science and to encourage gender equality. Likewise, sustainable future is also a widely discussed topic.

The deadline for the competition was 15th of May, 2022. We received many entries that were reviewed by a panel of judges who were experts in this field. The winner of the competition was declared on 5th of September 2022. The first prize went to Angel Mary Mathews of College of Engineering, Adoor.

We look forward to conducting more events that are based on socially relevant topics.

No. of participants: 5