1 December 2023

Event Poster

The participants of the event gathered at the community hall of the tribal community at Manakkayam which comes under Ranni Forest Department.The forest officers associated with the department came to see the event as well. The event commenced in the presence of VSS Secretary of Manakayyam and 8 IEEE Volunteers from IEEE SB CEA. The PES Execome acted as the host of the event and introduced the participants to the basic parts that constitute a LED Bulb.Then the participants were taught to soldier the parts of an LED Bulb together, they practically started assembling the LED Bulb and soldiering it in the presence of IEEE Volunteers. Each of the participants involved in the activity and learnt about the basic manufacturing process of an LED Bulb. Important safety measures were also taught to them. They were made aware of the benefits of assembling an LED Bulb and selling it at a profitable rate in the market and additional information was provided to them about the availability of the raw materials in the market. After the soldiering and fixing of the parts of the LED Bulb, each of the bulbs assembled by the participants were tested and all the bulbs were working. At the end of the event the VSS Secretary of Manakkayam congratulated the IEEE volunteers and the participants of the community for the successful completion of the event and also mentioned the importance of small scale ventures in the growth of the economy in that region. The event ended with a photo session with the participants. Thus IEEE PES SBC was successful in conducting a humanitarian activity that empowered a community through the use
of technology.

No of participants: 17