13 May 2022

Event Poster

As part of PES Day 2022 Celebrations, IEEE PES SBC CEA, collaborating with IEEE SB CEA, held a session on IEEE Membership Development. The session’s speaker was Mr. Mohammed Rashid K K, Membership Development Coordinator, IEEE PES Kerala Chapter Student Leadership Team 2021. This year, IEEE SB CEA has seen immense growth in the number of new volunteers and it is important that they know the benefits of being an active member of IEEE and explore all the opportunities and resources available.

The session started with an introduction to what IEEE is and the history of IEEE. Then, the speaker moved on to explain the various professional opportunities, including the IEEE Job Fair, and the benefits of having such a large network of volunteers like IEEE. He explained how IEEE helps in the skill development of an individual and the various skill development opportunities IEEE Provides. IEEE also plays an important role in providing a wholesome volunteering experience, as mentioned by the speaker himself through his personal experience. The speaker also explained the various funding opportunities IEEE Provides its volunteers. The session also covered the topics like IEEE’s Gsuite, IEEE Collabratec, IEEE Xplore, and IEEE Try Engineering.

The session concluded with an interactive QnA session with the speaker. Overall, the session was very informative and provided the participants with basic knowledge about the benefits of an IEEE Membership. The session also gave motivation to the participants to continue their volunteering in IEEE and filled them with the enthusiasm to explore and make use of their IEEE Membership effectively. The session also received good feedback from the participants as they got to learn many new things about IEEE. IEEE PES SBC CEA and IEEE SB CEA are proud to have organized such a beneficial event and look forward to organizing such events in the future.