BASIX - Session 4 (Basics of Raspberry Pi)

22 April 2022

Event Poster

BASIX was an informative session on technical know-how on the topic “Basics of Raspberry Pi”. The target of the event was to provide the participants a basic knowledge about the working of Raspberry Pi and its applications therefore making them familiar with their field and helping them to understand its relevance. The speaker of the event was Mr. Issac Thomas Varghese, Immediate Past Chair of IEEE CS SBC CEA.

Mr Saran Rajeev, Secretary of IEEE PES SBC CEA gave the welcome speech for the event. Mr. Issac Thomas Varghese first introduced himself and started the event.He first gave an introduction about Raspberry Pi.He then gave the overview of the Raspberry Pi.He then explained the differences between Ardino and Raspberry Pi. He then explained the uses of various models of the Raspberry Pi. He explained the interfacing of a Raspberry Pi model and its pin diagram.He then explained how the participants can set up their own Raspberry Pi and install a OS.

He explained the working of Raspberry Pi by programming it and showed the participants how a mini computer works on the basis of a simple program given by him. He then showed the participants the working of Raspberry Pi by connecting a camera to it. They understood how anyone can connect the Raspberry Pi into a monitor and use it as a simple computer. And we are able to learn programming languages such as Scratch and Python through it.

At the end of the event the participants were well aware of what the topic was as the host was able to effectively create a picture and overview of the topic in the minds of the participants. He was able to summarise the topic and conclude it thus we were able to reach the target of this event on the occasion of PES DAY.

A live demonstration of a Raspberry Pi was conducted for participants thus giving them a foundation of this topic. At last the Chair of IEEE PES SBC CEA encouraged the participants to make use of the Raspberry Pi chips present in the college and made them aware of the availability of materials for future use. The event was a great success and got great positive feedback from the participants who attended the session. Number of Participants: 19