BASIX #5(For First Years)

1 December 2023

Event Poster

The participants gathered at the project lab of CEA for the commencement of the event then the Secretary of IEEE PES SBC CEA Mr Saran Rajeev gave a welcome speech to all the participants of the event and called upon the speaker of the day Mr Jerrin Mathew George Chair of IEEE PES SBC CEA, he first of all gave an insight of the anatomy of an LED bulb and explained how different components of the LED bulb contribute to the proper functioning of the LED bulb.He explained the basic principle of the components of an LED bulb in short sentences to the participants.Then we started the assembling of the LED bulb with the raw materials provided to the participants.Mr Jerrin and the volunteers of the event guided the participants throughout the assembling of the LED bulb.The participants were shown the particular parts and how they should be assembled to form an LED bulb through the presentation of Mr Jerrin and throughout the assembling the participants were divided into groups.Each group were assigned same task of assembling the LED bulb in the given time which increased social interaction between the participants thus lead to the exchange of knowledge and information between the participants. At last each group tested their LED bulbs and all of them successfully able to assemble it and make it working. Thus the event was very successful in developing a basic idea of LED bulbs and its assembling, repairing etc.among the participants.This event greatly helped them to gain technical knowledge and technical skills to design,manufacture or assemble an LED Bulb and perhaps developing their skills as an engineer. As the event greatly focused on the first years,it aimed to create an engineering mindset among the participants and gave an introduction of how the domain of Engineering works.Thus the aim of the event was fulfilled.